Monday, December 18, 2006

Something I've been thinking about recently. What are the odds of two people from different cultures getting together. Are the odds better or worse than if you marry within your own ethnic group? That is something that I have thought about. And continues to come up as I'm dating. Just recently a relationship with a Mexican girl was mutually agreed upon on that it wasn't going to work out. But if it had would it have been harder or easier. I pretty much think it's better to stick within your own ethnic group. But I have a good friend who's white who married a African American girl. And they have a beautiful baby and are very happy. So I know it's possible. Anyways, a mid month update. About something that I've been thinking about. Hoping for a good Holidays.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Happy Holidays! Heading down to Southern Adventist University next week to see one of my college friends Mike Zeiss graduate. Getting his MBA. I recently made a cool Mexicana friend. She's pretty funny. Hung out a few times or as she likes to say it. We went on some DATES!

Markets have been good but I haven't been able to capitalize for various reasons. Not being disciplined one month and not following the system I developed another time. Actually both times. I'll get it right eventually. I kinda of have to. I also have gotten into Foreclosures and Commercial Real Estate recently pretty interesting stuff.

How fortunes can turn on a dime. The Tennessee Titans have turned the corner. 5-7 now. Thanks to a 60 yard field goal at the buzzer last week. And to think they couldn't win a game at the beginning. Vince Young is like watching Steve McNair all over again. When Steve McNair went to the dark side and joined Baltimore and than came back and played Tennessee it made for a real good game. McNair and Baltimore won by 1 point.

President Bush is really doing some back pedaling now. Saying "it's bad in iraq". Ah, if we could just find a solution that would make everyone happy. That's going to be tough. I think he had the right idea when they got Hussein out and changed the way things were run. But the exit strategy is a disaster.

One good thing Bush has done was get Ben Bernacke as the replacement for Alan Greenspan. Bernacke has to be voted Rookie of the year for Fed Chairmans. The economy is growing, stock market is going up, and they have done a pretty good job with inflation except for gas prices. :)

Happy Holidays!