Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Got the Adventist Review today and was very interested with the title of the front page. It is "Balancing Ends and Means" (A way for left and right to work together).

On social issues, the pope made a visit to America last week and remembered the 9/11 victims and had a mass at Yankee stadium. I watched the mass he had at Saint Patrick's in New York City. Very moving. The reason why the Pope is coming to America. Is because we are in a crisis. With all the outrageous things going on in the world, with human abuse, poverty, sickness, and human rights being abused. It's those type of things that cause religions to take action. And I am not surprised the pope took action. Those things are going to cause the National Sunday Law.

On the work front. I'm getting into the import/export business. I find learning other cultures fascinating and very interested to learn more. Miss trading the stock market badly but don't have the money right now. Still doing recruiting and made a Physician Part time Family Practice placement out in California.

That's the update.