Monday, May 12, 2008

Monthly update: $53 bucks. That's how much it took to fill up my gas tank this weekend. Man is gas expensive. I have never paid that. $20 bucks to fill up was fine. No big deal. Now filling up for over $50 is ridiculous.

Recruiting is going good. The Wall Street recruiting is picking up and have recently focused on recruiting for Ameriprise only. Hadn't made any placements in a long time. Once I started recruiting for them only. Things have changed. I have three brokers starting to work for them over the next month. Still want to trade the QQQQs again and get into Foreign trade but don't have the startup money for that.

Wild weekend to say the least. Went cruising with the neighbors and got pulled over not once but twice for various reasons. Brake light was out and basically got pulled over because all my friends looked ghetto and freaked them out. I'm thinking of moving to upstate New York for a few months. Have a friend who will let me live rent free up there.

And I got a dog..........and named him Goldie. Looking forward to April's graduation this weekend and seeing the family. That's the latest.


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