Monday, October 02, 2006

The sports business is in full swing. I am a big sports fan as many of you know. And this is a good time of year for sports. With baseball playoffs starting this week(Go Cardinals!), Hockey in a couple of weeks, and football season going strong. On a local note the Tennessee Titans are AWLFUL!!!!!!!! They have a chance to lose every single football game. They are already 0-4. I think they could go 0-16. Lose every single game. I can't say one good thing about them.

On a spirtual note. Things have been more peaceful. :) Unbelievable stuff that went on. Madison campus is a good local Nashville church. They have 4 very good pastors there with attendance being around 700-900 every week. And the sermons have been very good. I'm not planning to join but it's a good place.

I enjoy listening to sermons online during the week while I'm working. Randy Skeete on has been really good. I am also checking out another California ministry recently in Also located in Loma Linda. One of the pastors there Samir called me this week. They have 1200 members now and 4 pastors. He was my pastor up in New York City when I lived there.

Last night Bob Woodard was on sixty minutes and I was reading about it on the internet today. It seems the attacks on Americans in Iraq are rising over time not decreasing. The americans are getting attacked 800 times a week. 4 times an hour. Is there any end in sight to this?

Ka-Ching! To the stock market. Making a steady income.

I am creating a myspace page. Don't have a link yet. It's kinda of cool to see others favorite songs and things and see where people are located. That's all for now. Talk to you soon.