Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I got to tell you. One of my sources of entertainment is listening to different sermons from around the country. And listening to Don McIntosh from www.audioverse.org was hillarious. The guy is a riot. The sermon "Back to Normal" was so funny. The guy apparently torched the whole church in a example gone bad something to do with a air spray can. Very funny. Recommend listening if you need a laugh. :)

I also saw last night that President Bush is going to do something about the border of Mexico. It is ridicolous all the foreigners coming in. Getting 5,000 national guard troops is going to help. Maybe they should build a wall like the wall of China. In Tennessee they have these whole Driver's license scandal were Mexicans are paying off Tennessee Driving workers to get Driver's licenses. A lot of under the table money is being made. And it's draining are schools and especially the hospitals that take in those uninsured foreigners. Let's put a stop to it.

Tennessee sports is doing good. Nashville Predators made a quick first round exit after looking good at the beginning. Losing the goalie Thomas Voukon for the season was the handwriting on the wall. The team that beat them San Jose Sharks are still playing and I think could win the whole thing. The Titans drafted really good. Getting Vince Young and Lindale White. The next Steve McNair and Eddie George maybe? It should be fun to watch.

Hope all is well. Peace out.