Sunday, July 27, 2008

Monthly update: New Chapter of Life

Whirlwind month in July. Went to a wedding in California of Tim and Sunny Arakawa. Drove 25 hours each way to see the wedding. It was worth it. Awesome wedding. Very glad to see them married.

I have been busy with recruiting for Ameriprise and glad to report brokers are moving. Looks like we will have another placement this month.

I am fascainted by world events and feel that we are moving into a new era with the Presidential race coming up soon. 2008 has been a tough year for the world but I feel things are moving in the right direction now. Energy prices have been a concern and consumer confidence is key which is mostly impacted by the housing market.

Went up to my hometown church over the weekend. Always good to be home. April is off to college today and it will interesting to see how college is for her.

Things are constantly changing and we are living in exciting times.

Hope all is well.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Monthly update: $53 bucks. That's how much it took to fill up my gas tank this weekend. Man is gas expensive. I have never paid that. $20 bucks to fill up was fine. No big deal. Now filling up for over $50 is ridiculous.

Recruiting is going good. The Wall Street recruiting is picking up and have recently focused on recruiting for Ameriprise only. Hadn't made any placements in a long time. Once I started recruiting for them only. Things have changed. I have three brokers starting to work for them over the next month. Still want to trade the QQQQs again and get into Foreign trade but don't have the startup money for that.

Wild weekend to say the least. Went cruising with the neighbors and got pulled over not once but twice for various reasons. Brake light was out and basically got pulled over because all my friends looked ghetto and freaked them out. I'm thinking of moving to upstate New York for a few months. Have a friend who will let me live rent free up there.

And I got a dog..........and named him Goldie. Looking forward to April's graduation this weekend and seeing the family. That's the latest.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Got the Adventist Review today and was very interested with the title of the front page. It is "Balancing Ends and Means" (A way for left and right to work together).

On social issues, the pope made a visit to America last week and remembered the 9/11 victims and had a mass at Yankee stadium. I watched the mass he had at Saint Patrick's in New York City. Very moving. The reason why the Pope is coming to America. Is because we are in a crisis. With all the outrageous things going on in the world, with human abuse, poverty, sickness, and human rights being abused. It's those type of things that cause religions to take action. And I am not surprised the pope took action. Those things are going to cause the National Sunday Law.

On the work front. I'm getting into the import/export business. I find learning other cultures fascinating and very interested to learn more. Miss trading the stock market badly but don't have the money right now. Still doing recruiting and made a Physician Part time Family Practice placement out in California.

That's the update.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Joined a hockey league at the local church and scored my first goal in eons. Good to be playing hockey again.

In the great Presidential Race it is John McCain that is the lone survivor in the Republican party. All the others have offically dropped out now. So that is settled. There's a good chance that a Democrat may win this year. I feel that the Republican field was pretty weak this year and that this may be the year we get a Democrat. Not too excited about that because taxes would go up to support all the goverment programs they want.

I was just reading some blogs. And congrats to Tim and Sunny for getting engaged. That is awesome. Is there a better couple than that? Let me know. All the best to you.

Work is frustrating to say the least. Wish I was trading in the stock market but that didn't work out. I like recruiting but it takes forever to get paid. That's the latest hope all is going well.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Things have been really busy. Election, Super Bowl, and what not. Proud to say I voted and I cast my vote to Mike Huckabee who won the Republican primary for Tennessee but I think it's fair to say that John McCain is going to win the Republican nomination.

Shocking upset in the Super Bowl. The Giants and Eli Manning beat the unbeaten Patriots which was very sweet. Manning brothers back to back super bowls. It doesn't get much better than that.

I have been a little more involved in church locally. And have been a life long Seventh-Day Adventist. My biggest question for the church and for everybody in general. What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to build people up and look for the good in people. Or are you looking for negatives and reasons to tear people down? It's so easy to look for the negatives in people. And frankly people that do that are just plain losers. As I get my membership transferred to another church. I will be very interested to see which camp this church falls into. Hopefully it's not another self righteousness church that looks for the negatives in people. But nothing surprises me anymore.

Working really hard. Hopefully it pays off some day. Hope all is going well.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy New Year! This year is a big year for many reasons. One of the most important things this year is the election. Which will decide the course are great nation takes over the next few years and will affect all of us. The day that will likely decide each parties nominees is February 5. Super Tuesday. Here are the current nationwide polls. Huckabee is the surprise person in the Republican campaign and the press loves Obama in the Democratic party. While McCain and Clinton are the favorites. My boy Thompson is hanging in there. I feel he has done good in being specific on issues in recent debates.

Republican Presidential Nomination
Democratic Presidential Nomination

In sports the Titans where short lived in the NFL playoffs. I would be shocked if the New England Patriots don't win the Super Bowl. They are a machine that is pretty much flawless as far as I can see. Haven't lost a game yet this year. Only the second team to ever do that. The last team to do that was the Miami Dolphins back in 1972.

On a personal note. I am working like a dog to just get by. Working like three jobs. Mainly recruiting- Wall Street Recruiter, Physcian Recruiter, and Independent contracter for Alliance One.

Should be an interesting year.......... Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The presidential elections begin in about one month from now. Can you believe that Mike Huckabee is winning Iowa as of now for the Republicans. And he is gaining ground on Rudy in a nationwide poll. Who would of thunk it. Fred Thompson and Romney are still competitive as of now.

I have three jobs these days to pay for everything. So pretty busy with stuff. Can't believe it's December. Wow what a year. Right?